Doctor Oz’s YOU diet

I am officially going to start the diet promoted by Doctor Oz.
I have decided that I am tired of the Atkins Low Carb type diet. There is not enough variety and  I was getting stomach pain  occasionally from constipation.
I started the Doctor Oz diet about 3 days ago. Already my ‘plumbing’ has improved! No constipation!
His website is here:
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One Response to Doctor Oz’s YOU diet

  1. Hi Kari, hope it work well for you. Yeah the aitkins does get you a bit blocked up doesnt it, I stopped it too, I have a kangen machine now (remarkable,) I recently saw a video by Isabel de Los Rios which was kinda cool about the food basic rules which was really interesting if you want to do more due dilligence, here at (I put my site name to her link)
    Best of luck!

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